Jættemilen 2017

OK73 proudly presents the 54th Jættemil

Denmark, Zealand, Grib Skov, 12th November  2017.

Ultra-long distance orienteering courses with mass starts and splits.

Gribskov is the fourth biggest forest in Denmark, covering in all 5600ha. It is situated immediately north of Hillerød and stretches north for around 15km, with the lake of Esrum Sø as its eastern boundary. In the middle ages the forest was owned by the church, but after the reformation the whole area was taken over by the monarchy and was used as a royal hunting-ground. Not until the end of the 18th century were the boundaries determined and forestry started in earnest.

The forest lies on a very hilly north-south ridge formed by moraine during the last ice age. On the highest points in the middle of the forest are large areas with spruce. On the lower areas to the east and west, where the earth is more fertile, deciduous trees such as beech and oak dominate. In the low-lying areas remains of old forestry practices can be seen, such as coppices of alder and ash, and grazing areas, of which some today are enclosed meadows with cattle grazing. Between the hills there are bogs, ponds and springs.

The forest is of important commercial interest and is also used intensively for recreational purposes.

Overview Map: